Ready Database of 650 Properties for all Kinds of Residential Needs

SHASUN ASSOCIATES - The Managing Partners of Shasun have a Combined Experience of more than 100 Years as Property Dealers, Investors and Financiers in Noida. We have seen Noida come up in front of us and are well aware of advantages and disadvantages of investing and renting in almost all areas of Noida. We look after Residential Properties like Apartments, Plots, Houses and Rooms. Properties in our Database are for Investment and Renting Opportunities

Investment Opportunities in Noida

Noida has provided a Return of 20% per annum since its inception on a year on year basis. This rate is expected to go up further as development of basic amenities and organizations materializes over the next 2 years. Very soon as Supply gets saturated in Noida with Demand remaining constant, we should see an exponential increase in Property Prices.

Renting Opportunities in Noida

Flats, PG, Apartments and Plots are available for Rent on both individual as well as company lease. In almost all cases the landlord happens to be an absentee owner and the rent is normally paid using post dated cheques and online credit.

Settling Down & Living in Noida

Noida has proved to be an ideal location to settle down or live in because of proximity to important locations and the high quality of basic amenities like roads and civil services being provided at present.